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Are you thinking about installing a new fence in Hampton Roads? If so, one of your first questions is probably about the cost of new fencing. Since the pandemic, the price of building materials increased, so if you got a fencing quote a few years ago, it’s likely a current quote will be higher.

So, what is the average cost for fencing in 2022?

Expect to pay, on average, between $13 and $25 per linear foot. This price may be higher based on factors such as the materials you select, the shape/topography of your yard, and other factors.

Fencing is an important investment, and there are options to suit every home and every budget.

Whether you choose wood, vinyl, or aluminum fencing, the cost is only one of the factors to consider. You shouldn’t choose a Hampton Roads fencing contractor based on price alone—but that doesn’t mean you need to overpay for quality fencing!

Integrity Fence provides high-performance fencing, along with:

  • Expert Installation
  • Fast Project Completions
  • Competitive Prices
  • Next-Level Customer Service
  • Simple Financing with Attractive Terms
  • Impressive Warranties

We’re a fully licensed and insured Hampton Roads fencing company that has built a reputation for excellence one job at a time. Take a look at some of the fencing projects we’ve completed in the past to get an idea of the beautiful results you can expect from our experienced team.

How to Get an Accurate Quote for Fencing in Hampton Roads

A quote from a Hampton Roads fencing professional is the only way to get a precise quote for your project. Integrity Fence, a locally owned company, provides free consultations. Our fencing specialists take the time to explain all of your options, give an accurate cost estimate, and explain our attractive financing solutions. Call Integrity Fence at 757.500.8568 or fill out our online form now to schedule your no-cost consultation.

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