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Does your neighbor have a fence that butts up against your property? Whether your neighbor’s fence is a beautiful, recently installed vinyl fence or a rather run-down, older wooden fence, you’ll need to make a decision about how to use (or not to use) that portion of fence for your new fence installation.

It comes down to two general options: Use that fence or install a fence up against it. There are pros and cons to each choice, so let’s look at some things you should consider.

Condition/Style of the Fence

Is your neighbor’s fence the same type you want to install? Or is the neighbor’s fence out of view, such as tucked behind a detached garage? If it’s in good shape, utilizing it could be a feasible option.

If you’re installing a wood fence, and you plan to stain the portion of the fence that faces the interior of your yard, your neighbor may allow you to stain the side of the fence that faces your yard—and that brings us to the next point:

Your Relationship with the Neighbor

Consider your relationship with your neighbor. If it’s contentious, sharing a fence isn’t the best idea. If you have a great relationship, talk to them about the idea before making a final decision.

Cost Savings

Obviously, the less fence you need to install, the lower the cost—but that doesn’t mean sharing the fence is the way to go. Still, if budget is your top priority, it is a way to save a bit on your fence installation.

What If You’re Not Sure Whose Fence It Is?

If you’re installing a fence and aren’t sure who owns the existing fence, your fencing professional can assist you in determining whose fence it is.

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