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Some customers who contact Integrity Fence know how many feet of fencing they need, so they ask if it’s possible to get a quote over the phone. The problem is that fencing isn’t sold—not to us or our customers—by the foot. Fencing is quoted and installed by the section, not the foot, and the number of sections isn’t the only consideration when it comes to the cost of your fence.

Each section of fencing is 8 feet long. We build as many 8-foot sections as the ground allows for each side, and then we have to finish each side with smaller sections. So, let’s say the total measurement of the yard is 240’. You might think we could simply divide 240 by 8 and complete the job with 30 sections, but it may not work out that way.

Let’s use the example of a yard with four sides with the following measurements: 37 ft., 63 ft., 67 ft, and 73 ft.

Since the 2x4s required to build the sections come in 8’ and 16’ lengths, we have to purchase most of the same materials for partial sections as for full sections.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 37 ft side: 4.63 sections (5 sections)
  • 63 ft side: 7.88 sections (8 sections)
  • 67 ft side: 8.38 sections (9 sections)
  • 73 ft side: 9.2 sections (10 sections)

So, for this 240’ foot project, we’d need 32 sections rather than 30. Of course, another 240’ fence project could require more or fewer sections based on the length of each side.

Other cost factors related to materials are the type and number of gates you want and the type of hardware you select. These are other reasons the cost of different 240’ fence installations can vary even when the type of fencing is the same.

We also must consider the time it will take to install your fence.

A job that requires 40 sections of fencing at your house could take longer than a job requiring 50 sections across town. Some of the factors that impact the time a project takes include grade, landscaping we need to remove or work around, location, and available parking.

Those factors affect time, but they can, in some cases, also impact the number of sections needed. Other considerations, such as the type of fencing and the current cost of materials (which changes often based on market conditions), are also issues that go into creating your quote.

The bottom line is that the only way to give our customers an accurate cost estimate is to see the property. Integrity Fence provides free, no-obligation consultations that include an accurate, written estimate.

Call 757-500-9011 or fill out our online form now to take the first step towards the quality fencing you need by requesting a consultation with an experienced fencing specialist.

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